Benefits of Face Steaming for Healthy Skin – The Remarle Portable Hair and Face Steamer

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What is Face Steaming and what are the benefits of using the Remarlé® Hair and Face Steamer®?
With the Remarlé® Hair and Face Steamer® you can get a deep cleanse treatment at home in less than five minutes and a professional facial at home in as little as 15 minutes.

Face Steaming is the most efficient way to eliminate toxins from your skin, revealing a healthy radiant face. It provides a deep cleanse and detox for your pores by unclogging all the hidden impurities. It also can boost blood circulation which is essential for the reproduction of new and healthy cells.

The ancient Greeks and Romans harnessed steam for health and beauty much the same way we do today. At about 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius), the temperatures employed in steam treatments are enough to make you sweat — perhaps the only time perspiration might be even a little pleasant. If you’ve ever been in a steam room or hot tub, you know the feeling of warmth enveloping you and steering you toward relaxation. The steam works its magic on your skin, adding moisture and helping to cleanse your body’s largest organ of impurities.

Steaming is often done during a spa facial, which may be a treat if you have the time and money for it, but you don’t have to wait for a spa session. You can still get the benefits of steaming by concentrating on your face. It’s one of the simplest, most inexpensive facial treatments you can do at home. Now it is even easier with the Remarle Face Steamer. It will save you tons of money.

The warm humidity can increase perspiration and stimulate circulation by drawing blood to the surface of the skin, giving your face a warm, healthy glow. As the body’s natural cooling system, sweat consists mostly of water, but it’s also mixed with a small amount of your body’s wastes and toxins so that you can wash them away.

Among other potential benefits, facial steaming helps to free any dead cells, dirt, bacteria or other trapped matter that could be causing breakouts. That’s because the moisture softens the surface layer of dead skins cells called the stratum corneum (from the Latin for “horned layer”). It can also allow your skin to better absorb any other products you might use after the steaming.

It is small, portable, compact, and light weight which makes it perfect for traveling, dorm rooms, and small spaces. It is ready to use in less than 60 seconds and utilizes plain tap water.

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Here is my suggested 15 minute deep cleanse routine:
Step One: Remove all makeup using the Remarlé® Face Creme. Then wash your face using a natural product such as Remarlé Face Wash. I recommend the Hard Black Soap or the Liquid Black Soap Face Wash.
Step Two: Set the steamer on a flat surface away from any fans. Put water into steamer up to fill line (do not go over the Max Line), plug in and turn on, wait a short 60 seconds for the steam to start.
Caution: Steam is extremely hot. Do not tilt the steamer and keep it at least 8” from your face. Do not add anything to the water, i.e. essential oils
Step Three: Spend five minutes moving the steamer in front of your face allowing it to open up your pores. Spend more time on blemishes areas. You can also place the steamer on a flat surface and move your face around the steamer.
Step Four: Turn off the Steamer and Unplug.
Step Five: Use Remarlé Astringent to deep clean your open pores and help remove any residual bacteria and dirt.
Step Six: Use Remarlé Five Minute Face Mask to help minimize pores and clarify your skin. Wash off after 5 minutes.
Step Seven: Take a two finger scoop of The Remarlé® Face Scrub and gently exfoliate your skin. Add the Remarlé® Face Creme is so desired.
Step Eight: Enjoy Your Day with a clean fresh radiant soft face!
Please read all instructions prior to use.

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Can also be used on the hair and garments.

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