Remarlé® Natural Skin Care

Bio: About the Owner of Remarlé® Natural Skin Care* My name is Renee LeMasney and here is my story… How and Why I Got Started I created the Body/Face Scrub about ten years ago after I developed new skin allergies, found that my skin was becoming increasingly dryer, and could not find a product on the market that did not contain some sort of chemical or that really moisturized after use. A friend suggested that I try to create my own body/face scrub. After a year of trial and error the body/face scrub was born. After much contemplation, focus groups, handing out samples, and getting amazing feedback, I decided to launch my company. After meeting with my mentor and cousin Andrea, she said I needed more than just one product, so I created three more based on the focus group feedback. So in 2012 I started the company with four products, the body/face scrub, the cuticle oil, lip scrub, and the hand scrub. Remarlé ® Natural Skin Care* has grown to 20 products plus. I continue to create new products based on my needs and wants as well as and most importantly, my customers’ needs, wants, and suggestions. If I can create it Naturally without any irritation to the skin, I will. I formulate and create all of the blends myself and all products are tested on me prior to releasing them to the public. My company continues to be a work in progress. Mistakes have been made and many lessons learned. I am my toughest client. Company Purpose: The purpose of Remarlé ® Natural Skin Care* is to provide high quality skin products that are without additives, chemical, fragrances, parabens, or preservatives that actually work and are for people: • who have dry skin, allergies, and sensitivity to skin care products currently on the market and/or • for those who are looking for chemical free and natural products to use on their skin There are many who have exhausted all of their skin care options and feel helpless; especially those with eczema, psoriasis, and acne until now. You may be one of them. You will find most of my products to be unscented. There are a few options with a scented essential oil added because of customer requests. My Education I have always wanted to own my own business and received my Associate of Arts Degree in Small Business Management from Bucks County Community College in Newtown, PA. However, I could never find the right venture for me until now. I also have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organization Management from Eastern University in St. Davids, PA, a graduate Certificate in Drug Development and Regulatory Affairs from Temple University in Fort Washington, PA and a graduate certificate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. It was at Drexel where I wrote a Literature Review regarding the correlation between pesticides and cancer and the reason I am so proud to offer a chemical free products. The literature review can be found on my on this blog. *Remarlé ® LLC is the official company name and is proudly Made in the USA.

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