Top Surgeons Agree with Remarlé ® Natural Skin Care’s use of Vitamins A, C, and E for Healthy Younger Looking Skin

I created my products knowing that Vitamins A, C, and E play and important part in keeping your skin healthy.

Today on Dr. Oz top plastic surgeons have said the same..




Allergies, Dry Skin, Acne and Wrinkles after 40?

The main reason I originally created Remarlé ® Natural Skin Care was because I developed:

  •  Allergies to many products
  •  Severe case of adult acne
  •  Extremely dry skin
  •  Wrinkles which I directly correlate to not just aging, but dry skin

A few other reasons were:

  •  I could not find a product that did not contain chemicals
  •  The moisturizers I tried clogged my pores and caused breakouts and rashes

Dr. Oz talks about all of these things on the link to the article below.


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