Remarle Natural Deodorant -Reviews

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If you are looking for a natural deodorant that works, then look no further.


Verified Buyer
Best Product I’ve found!
This stuff works! Tried every “natural” product, with no results. My search is over

Jennifer S.

Verified Buyer
Luv it . Great scent !! Works great ! Better than any other natural deordrant I’ve tried ❤️
Can you love a deodorant? YES!
I have been using this for several months, and had the unfortunate circumstance of running out while awaiting my next order. It was a disaster. I had to use a store deodorant, and I developed a horrible rash and painful lumps on the skin and under the skin, It nearly made me see a doctor, but when I began using this again it all cleared up! Obviously the ingredients in the store deodorants are not good for us. This deodorant also works very well at controlling any odor, even that “nervous” odor. I’m very pleased with it, as well as all of the other products I’ve purchased from Remarle.