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Why should I use Remarlé ® LLC Natural Skin Care products?

The success to good skin is cell turnover and rejuvenation.  New skin is revealed when the sugar scrub is applied in a gentle circular motion removing or exfoliating dead skin cells; once the dead skin are removed and new skin is revealed you need to moisturize immediately for the rejuvenation to be effective.  Remarlé ® LLC Natural Skin Care products were specifically designed to moisturize while exfoliating creating the remarkablé smooth and soft feel. Additionally, Remarlé ® LLC products contain Vitamins A, C, and E which are known to contribute to the health of your skin.  Moreover, sugar cane is the main source of glycolic acid which is a good way to battle the signs of skin aging; it is also good for people experiencing acne and blackheads as well as extremely dry skin.

What does “Natural” actually mean? The classic definition of natural skin care is based on using botanically sourced ingredients currently existing in or formed by nature, without the use of synthetic chemicals, to preserve the integrity of the ingredients.

Why Should I Exfoliate? Plain and simple exfoliation is an important process in maintaining clean and healthy skin; it removes dead skin cells on the surface of your skin (the epidermis) keeping your skin cleaner, smoother and brighter. Pure Premium Cane Sugar used in Remarle LLC Natural Sugar Scrubs is a natural exfoliant. 

Why do I need to moisturize my skin? The skin needs moisture to repair and renew itself. While the skin produces it  own oil through the sebaceous glands, sometimes extra moisture is needed. As we get older our skin does not produce enough oil and becomes very dry, add in menopause and all of a sudden the wrinkles, lines and visible signs are aging are prevalent. The Skin needs to be hydrated either internally or topically  to be soft, supple and smooth. Herbs and essential oils are the best natural  moisturizers for the skin.  The best remedy for dry skin is any of Remarle LLC’s Skin Smoothing Sugar Scrub, followed up with an emollient creme such as Remarle ‘s award winning creme, body butter, or lotion.

What are the benefits of Vitamins A, C, and E for my skin? Vitamin A – Vitamin A is very good for skin health and it actually harnesses and reverses the effects of multiple skin problems. Vitamin A is known for remedying issues such as wrinkles as it acts as an antioxidant that limits the action of free radicals from causing damage to your skin. Vitamin C Vitamin C is a tremendous antioxidant that helps in slowing down the natural process of skin aging.  The skin usually begins to show its first signs of aging and wrinkling when the body stops or slows down the production of two proteins- elastin and collagen. These proteins are essential in order to maintain the health of your skin and keep it young. To overcome these skin problems, the use of vitamin C is highly beneficial as it assists in the production of collagen. It helps in minimizing the sun damage caused to the skin by neutralizing the free radicals. Vitamin E – One of the major factors that cause substantial damage to our skin cells is exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun. When it permeates into the skin, it attacks the oxygen molecules present in the skin cells first. As a result, the oxygen molecules are converted into free radicals. Even though oxygen is an essential component for the existence of our life, its free radicals have high reactivity and are toxic in nature. Due to its reactive nature, the free radicals of oxygen launch an attack on proteins, lipids and DNA molecules. The collagen protein present in the skin which is responsible for making the skin smooth and supple are used up by the free radicals. This accelerates the aging process of the skin and gives rise to problems like skin discoloration, wrinkles, age spots, etc. The skin gets a leathery texture. It can increase the risk of skin cancer too. Vitamin E oil has some inherent qualities that enable it to provide protection to our skin from all these harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamin K  – Vitamin K may be applied topically, typically as a 5% cream, to diminish postoperative bruising from cosmetic surgery and injections, to treat broken capillaries (spider veins), to treat rosacea, and to aid in the fading of hyperpigmentation and dark under-eye circles.[112][113] Remarlé ®LLC’s Hand Scrub and Cuticle Oil contain Vitamins A, C, and E Remarlé ®LLC’s Lip Scrub contains Vitamins C and E Remarlé ®LLC’s Body/Face/Feet  Scrub contains Vitamin E Any Remarlé ® LLC’s product that contains Coconut Oil has the Vitamin K benefit. The Remarlé ® Body Butter has been shown to reduce redness in Psoriasis which has Coconut Oil and as a result Vitamin K. It also contains Vitamins A and E. 112 ^ Cohen, JL; Bhatia, AC (November 2009). “The role of topical vitamin K oxide gel in the resolution of postprocedural purpura”. Journal of drugs in dermatology : JDD 8 (11): 1020–4. PMID 1989436 113Jump up ^ Leu, S; Havey, J; White, LE; Martin, N; Yoo, SS; Rademaker, AW; Alam, M (September 2010). “Accelerated resolution of laser-induced bruising with topical 20% arnica: a rater-blinded randomized controlled trial”. The British journal of dermatology 163 (3): 557–63. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2133.2010.09813.x. PMID 20412090.


________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E do for the health of my hair?

Antioxidant Vitamins like A, C,and E are important for healthy scalp and hair.  Not just as something to eat internally, but also topically as well.

Vitamin A bears antioxidant properties that help keep dangerous free radicals from damaging your hair.

If you lack vitamin C, you can lose your hair excessively. With Vitamin C as a part of you Hair Care routine, it may help to combat hair loss problems and also may prevent free radicals from oxidizing your hair.

Vitamin E, chemically referred to as alpha-tocopherol, is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is known for offering a number of health benefits. The antioxidants present in the Vitamin E protects the cell membranes from damage. It is one of the most beneficial vitamins that can be used for the prevention of skin and hair problems.

Remarlé’s Make up Remover can be used as an overnight oil treatment for the scalp and as a detangler and hair smoother with a little shine for during the day. It provides the right amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E to enhance the health  of your hair.
Remarlé’s Volumizing Hair Mask is full of Vitamins A, E, and K and will leave your hair healthy, soft, and full of volume,
Massaging your scalp with this oil will also help to increase the blood circulation and the supply of sufficient oxygen to the scalp.  It is recommended to massage the hair everyday to keep your hair healthy and strong.


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The Benefits of Honey – Remarlé ® Lip Scrub

Honey not offers incredible natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, and hygroscopic properties for our body and health but also contains antioxidants.  Its powerful healing attributes have long been used for thousands of years and is known to promote healing for cuts, cure ailments and diseases, and correct health disorders for generations after generations.  

Honey has a hygroscopic nature, which means when exposed to air; it naturally absorbs moisture in from the air.  It helps keep skin hydrated, fresh and prevents drying. Thus, some people call honey a natural “humectant” as it attracts and retains moisture leaving skin soft and supple and is great for hydrating the lines around the lips.

Honey is antibacterial and can be used to help treat minor acne by attacking the bacteria that cause the outbreaks while moisturizing the skin to aid rejuvenation. Researchers began to document the healing properties of honey in the early part of the 20th century. This ceased with the development of antibiotics but recently the development of resistance to antibiotics has led to a resurgence of interest into the healing properties of honey.

Honey is antimicrobial and prevents the growth of certain bacteria. It contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide which is believed to be the main reason for the antimicrobial activity of honey. As such, honey is a useful treatment for wounds and scalds. Cuts, abrasions and scalds can be covered in honey to prevent bacteria from entering the wound and promote healing. So if your lips are chapped and sore the honey should provide relief and protection.

Honey contains natural antioxidant properties that can destroy biologically destructive chemical agents which have been linked to many diseases such as cancer.  Not only can honey’s antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals in the body, they are also part of the nutrient supply for growth of new tissue known to keep skin youthful smooth and soft.

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